The HARTU project was present at the Cibus Tec Fair “Inspiring Innovation in Food and Beverage Technologies” held in October 2023 in Parma, Italy. With 1200 exhibitors and 39,000 professional operators, it has been an important stage for presenting our ongoing work on robotics technologies. The event served as a crucial platform to foster meaningful interactions with a diverse audience, including potential customers, technicians, and curious individuals intrigued by the project’s diverse applications. Visitors appreciated the real-world application approach demonstrated across the project scenarios.

At the heart of HARTU’s mission lies the seamless integration of human interaction, robotics, and artificial intelligence systems. The project aims to enhance the flexibility, reconfigurability, and efficiency of robotic production lines across multiple industries, including the agrifood sector, automotive, household appliances, hand tools, and logistics. Cibus Tec Fair not only provided a stage for HARTU to share its achievements but also underscored the project’s commitment to driving transformative change in diverse sectors through the collaboration of technology and operators.

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