Recently, 30 participants from all over Europe (and not only), attended the General Assembly of HARTU in the italian university of Politecnico di Bari, specifically in the Department of Mechanics, Mathematics and Management. Here is a short report of the 2-day event marking the completion of the midpoint of our project.

Day 1

The first day was dedicated to break down the various tasks and work packages. Each partner presented the current status of their work, detailing what has been accomplished and outlining the plans for the upcoming months. This comprehensive review set the stage for productive discussions on the progress and future direction of the project.

In the afternoon, we participated in diverse workshops and demonstrations, in one of them was OMNI and POLIBA showed to the participants their cutting-edge technologies, particularly the electro-adhesive fingertips, providing a fascinating live demonstration that captivated all attendees.

Day 2

The second day featured additional presentations, followed by a workshop focused on the role of AI within the use case scenarios. We explored how AI can team up and collaborate with human operators, which is crucial for HARTU’s research. These discussions were invaluable for refining our approach and enhancing our understanding of AI-human interaction.


As the event concluded, we said our goodbyes and looked forward to our next meeting in Eibar at TEK. This upcoming gathering will coincide with the 18-month milestone of our project and the official mid-term review by the commission. We are eager to showcase the advancements we have made and to explore the labs where some of our demonstrators are being developed.


Check out the General assembly photo gallery.

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